FIFA Ultimate Team and Transfer Market

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) must be fair and fun for all players. That is why we have implemented a lot of changes to FUT in recent weeks, including our decision to make the transfer market inaccessible via the Web and Companion App, and the introduction of price ranges in the transfer market.

What are we trying to achieve with these changes? It’s simple – we want to keep the game fair and safe for all and ensure equal conditions for all FUT fans. To achieve this we have to end the activities of farmers in the currency and cheats that are damaging their experience with the game. These operators generate currencies illegitimately in FUT economy through the use of bots and phishing scams, creating a flood of fraudulent currency in the game and driving up the cost of the players on the transfer market. This inflation mainly hurts the economy, so the best players unaffordable for the vast majority of FUT fans who are not exploiting the system and just want to play the right way.

Since implementing these changes, we are seeing positive signs of restoring balance to the FUT economy and mitigate some of the negative effects of exploitation within the game.

We are also fulfilling our responsibility to provide a safe place to play. We continue to invest in security tools, and promise to keep looking for the right way to defend the currency dealers and farmers who are suffering the game. A limit of parties, which has also had a positive effect in stopping farmers coin coins illegitimate generation were imposed. But we have more work to do.

The game is fun when everyone is playing by the same rules, and all the changes we have been making are designed to bring harmful activities to high and bring fun and equity back to FUT – play games, team building Transfer commercial market and make decisions pack items.

Here’s an update on the next steps we are taking and considering include new changes in prices and the state of the Web and Companion Apps.

Price Ranges – – FUT FAQ

Where are the benefits of price ranges?

Price Ranges prevent prices artificially inflate player in price due to the unlawful activity, limiting their ability to build your Ultimate Team. Moreover, as the price ranges are balanced, it will give fans a better understanding FUT the approximate value of your items. Over time, this will help you return to the transfer market to a level that is fair to everyone and eliminate excessively high prices player due to fraudulent coins on the market.

Why did you decide to implement price ranges in the middle of FUT 15?
The player price inflation (due to increased levels of fraudulent coins on the market) should be addressed as soon as possible. The benefits, including a balanced market and affordable players, are the positive aspects of making this change in FUT 15.

Why is it necessary to have a minimum price range?
Removing the minimum range Price Ranges open to the movement of selling fraudulent transfers currencies. Coin Dealers are seeking to use certain players with values ​​well below its maximum range market in order to transfer coin set amounts. We understand that the range of minimum price has been a frustration for many of you, but it is a necessary part of the elimination of the sale of coins in FUT. We will continue to adjust the price ranges for players to find the right balance for the transfer market.

Why I can not find players on the transfer market?
At first, all prices are identical on all platforms for most players. This made the above to below the market value perceived by certain players on some platforms range. Could not find certain players because the other FUT not think the match Price range value of that player in that console platform – and thus not choose to sell. We are now setting different price ranges platform from a selection of highly rated players – this address your concerns in value.

Why is it so hard to sell players on the transfer market?
From Price ranges were initially the same on all platforms that do not always coincide with the perceived value in that particular platform. The lower end of the price range player was greater than the market value perceived by certain players on some platforms, so FUT fans thought that player was only worth the value of the minimum range, causing fans to wonder when you decide to bid. However, we have now begun to establish different ranges of platform for some players of high value. One thing to remember is that these players are still selling and the market is active, but there is less demand in some of the established prices. By observing how things develop in the transfer market and we see a player is constantly selling at its lowest range, we move up the range as FUT fans are able to sell their players.

How am I going to make coins through trade now?
We will always remain Price Ranges wide enough to allow all fans to earn more coins trading on the transfer market.

Why not drop in price ranges on the players? Many players are not selling at this time.
We have already set price ranges for certain players, and also set different ranges by platform. We will continue to adjust these ranges based on the market and their comments throughout the year. You can check out all our Price Ranges settings here.

What about events like St. Patrick’s Day we had just? Will it increase ranges player for specific players around such events?
Price ranges reflect real market data. We have no plans to change the price ranges in anticipation of events, such as changing ranges for Irish players in anticipation Tournament St. Patrick’s Day, but we will adjust ranges based on the general market activity.

Why not just sell currencies yourselves instead of points FIFA?
The sale of the coins directly to fans contradict the basic principles of FIFA Ultimate Team. The game is designed to reward progress playing the game the right way through games, equipment, commercial building market transfer, and decision-making with objects on discs. Fans enjoy FUT understand the decision making on the way to building your Ultimate Team. Fans who want to accelerate their progress, can do so by opening packages or FIFA Points earned coins. The choice has always been up to you and that’s part of the fun.

Regarding the sale of the currency became more frequent an illegal shortcut is created, and people may have forgotten that the game is not intended to instantly give you the best items or players. It is the progression. This is chasing victory. They are managing their squads and make decisions.

Have you filed Price Ranges EA just to make make money?
Price ranges were conducted for the benefit of the whole community. EA has no plans to sell coins directly to the players, and we believe that the benefits of play when the playing field is level for all the progress achieved and playing games, equipment, commercial building market Transfer and decision making with objects discs.

What have you done to stop the coin operators agriculture?
Many of the tactics deployed against currencies breeding happens in the background and are not always clearly visible to the FUT community. Throughout the year, we have implemented many new security changes to combat the growing and selling of currencies. The most recent example is the game we implemented daily limit prevents one of the main methods of cultivation currency. We also prohibit selling thousands of coins and bills growing on a weekly basis. You may have also noticed a significant decrease in false bills that are passed by our EA SPORTS FIFA Twitter. We have recently implemented a new process to eliminate thousands of these malicious accounts that pose as EA and attempted phishing for account information.

Why not increase the amount of coins per game rewards?
Our focus is on balance and stabilization of the economy that rewards current coins maintain their expected value. Increased coin rewards for parties would only continue the imbalance and instability FUT economy. However, we are currently exploring new developments and ideas FUT content while keeping the game balanced. They also offer important tournaments in the game with bigger prizes.

How price ranges per player determined?
We are reviewing the data, as the average selling price and the percentage of items sold (all these items in the list) to help us decide whether or not to increase or decrease price ranges. New titles player like TOTW are based on historical data, the convenience of the player, and similar players. The ranges for the new versions of the players were left a little wider for prices to settle, and remain tight as the average selling price of an item changes.